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English Antonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set -2

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English Antonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set -2

1. Liberty

A. Bondage
B. Shackles
C. Deliverance
D. Slavery

Ans.  D. Slavery

2. Smooth

A. Ugly
B. Awkward
C. Hard
D. Rough

Ans.  D. Rough

3. Genuine

A. Mean
B. Humane
C. Avaricious
D. Spurious

Ans.  D. Spurious

4. Base

A. Roof
B. Height
C. Top
D. Climax

Ans.  C. Top

5. Progressive

A. Conservative
B. Unprogressive
C. Disprogressive
D. Retrograde

Ans. D. Retrograde

6. Delete

A. Impound
B. Insert
C. Inspire
D. Injure

Ans.  B. Insert


A. Keen
B. Utility
C. Fertility
D. Usefulness

Ans.  B. Utility

8. Onerous

A. Straight forward
B. Easy
C. Complex
D. Plain

Ans.  B. Easy

9. Humane

A. Cruel
B. Inhuman
D. Inhuman

Ans.  A. Cruel

10. Comic

A. Painful
B. Fearful
C. Tragic
D. Emotional

Ans.  C. Tragic

11. Yield

A. Tasteful
B. cheerful
C. Brimful
D. Resist

Ans. D. Resist

12. Terrible

A. Horrible
B. Awesome
C. Delightful
D. Hideous

Ans.  C. Delightful

13. Admire

A. Dislike
B. Hate
C. Unlike
D. None of these

Ans.  A. Dislike

14. Addition

A. Multiplication
B. Subtraction
C. Enumeration
D. Division

Ans.  B. Subtraction

15. Zeal

A. Impartiality
B. Indifference
C. Distaste
D. Zest

Ans.  B. Indifference

16. Knowledge

A. Ignorance
B. Illiteracy
C. Foolishness
D. Backwardness

Ans.  A. Ignorance

17. Lasting

A. Fixed
B. Infallible
C. Transient
D. None of these

Ans. C. Transient

18. Nadir

A. Progress
B. Liberty
C. Zenith
D. Modernity

Ans.  C. Zenith

19. Sublime

A. Submitting
B. Yielding
C. Unholy
D. Ridiculous

Ans.  D. Ridiculous

20. Foreigner

A. National
B. Stranger
C. Native
D. Alien

Ans.  C. Native

21. Thrifty

A. Wane
B. Quarrelsome
C. Extravagant
D. Valiant

Ans.  C. Extravagant

22. Languid

A. Smart
B. Energetic
C. Fast
D. Ferocious

Ans.  B. Energetic

23. Few

A. Numerous
B. Countless
C. Many
D. None of these

Ans.  C. Many

24. Stringent

A. Magnanimous
B. Lenient
C. Vehement
D. General

Ans.  B. Lenient

25. Sentimental

A. Callous
B. Emotional
C. Prosaic
D. Romantic

Ans.  C. Prosaic

26. Alienate

A. Gather
B. Identiry
C. Assemble
D. Unite

Ans.  B. Identiry

27. Dislike

A. Sublimity
B. Relevant
C. Relish
D. Love

Ans.  C. Relish

A. Recognise
B. Awaken
C. Extinguish
D. Inflame

Ans.  C. Extinguish

29. Hindrance

A. Agreement
B. Cooperation
C. Persuasion
D. Aid

Ans.  D. Aid

30. Fickle

A. Inconstant
B. Constant
C. Permanent
D. Inconstant

Ans.  B. Constant

31. Professional

A. Voluntary
B. Sporadic
C. Amateur
D. Unprofessional

Ans.  C. Amateur

32. Prohibit

A. Accept
B. Permit
C. Agree
D. Grant

Ans.  B. Permit

33. Emancipate

A. Enclose
B. Enslave
C. Disclose
D. Capture

Ans.  B. Enslave

34. Pugnacious

A. Cautious
B. Voracious
C. Quarrelsome
D. Peaceful

Ans.  D. Peaceful

35. Roughly

A. Exactly
B. Completely
C. Pointedly
D. Largely

Ans.  A. Exactly

36. Endear

A. Attach
B. Alienate
C. Cheap
D. None of the above

Ans.  B. Alienate

37. Genuine

A. Spurious
B. Platonic
C. Innocent
D. Tenuous

Ans.  A. Spurious

38. Miserly

A. Generous
B. Liberal
C. Spend thrift
D. Charitable

Ans.  A. Generous

39. Luscious

A. Insipid
B. Retrograde
C. Languid
D. Fickle

Ans.  A. Insipid

40. Myopic

A. Optimistic
B. Humble
C. Far sighted
D. Blind

Ans.  C. Far sighted

41. Density

A. Brightness
B. Clarity
C. Intelligence
D. Rarity

Ans.  D. Rarity

42. Induce

A. Enervate
B. Reduce
C. Dissuade
D. Persuade

Ans.  C. Dissuade

43. poltroon

A. Sage
B. Amateur
C. Hero
D. Plutocrat

Ans.  C. Hero

44. Contented

A. Rash
B. Narrow minded
C. Gloomy
D. Disappointed

Ans.  D. Disappointed

45. Compact

A. Thin
B. Loose
C. Lengthy
D. Soft

Ans.  B. Loose

46. Naughty

A. Sacred
B. Cowardly
C. Pitiable
D. Humble

Ans.  D. Humble

47. Conceal

A. Unfold
B. Reveal
C. Open
D. Discover

Ans.  B. Reveal

48. Adversity

A. Poverty
B. Perspicacity
C. Indigence
D. Prosperity

Ans.  D. Prosperity

49. Credit

A. Incredible
B. Disturb
C. Debit
D. Discredit

Ans. D. Discredit

50. Seldom

A. Rarely
B. Daily
C. Often
D. Never

Ans.  C. Often