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English Antonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set -3

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English Antonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set -3

1. Moist

A. Parched
B. Dry
C. Hard
D. Crisp

Ans.  B. Dry

2. Insert

A. Enhance
B. Defame
C. Extract
D. Depict

Ans.  C. Extract

3. Boost

A. Hinder
B. Obstruct
C. Discourage
D. Rebuke

Ans. A. Hinder

4. Aldridge

A. Subdue
B. Elaborate
C. Argument
D. Encourage

Ans.  B. Elaborate

5. Demon

A. Charitable
B. Kind hearted
C. Angel
D. Fair minded

Ans.  C. Angel

6. Face

A. Avert
B. Back
C. Withdraw
D. Invite

Ans.  B. Back

7. Addition

A. Multiplication
B. Substraction
C. Enumeration
D. Division

Ans. B. Substraction

8. Miraculous

A. Commonplace
B. Ambitious
C. Profound
D. Ambiguous

Ans.  A. Commonplace

9. Evacuate

B. Emerge
C. Abandon
D. Invade

Ans.  A.admit

10. Deficit

A. Superfluous
B. Surplus
C. Implicit
D. Explicit

Ans.  B. Surplus

11. Bridge

A. Divide
B. Bind
C. Release
D. Open

Ans.  D. Open

12. Detest

A. Sympathise
B. Understand
C. Loathe
D. Love

Ans. D. Love

13. Attract

A. Repulse
B. Reject
C. Repel
D. Distract

Ans.  C. Repel

14. Compassionate

A. Lusty
B. Merciless
C. Mellifluous
D. Lascivious

Ans.  B. Merciless

15. Gratuity

A. Annuity
B. Stipend
C. Discount
D. Wages

Ans.  D. Wages

16. Economy

A. Generosity
B. Extravagance
C. Miserliness
D. Frugality

Ans.  B. Extravagance

17. Guilty

A. Innocent
B. Pure
C. Virtuous
D. Angelic

Ans.  A. Innocent

18. Ameliorate

A. Clasp
B. Ferate
C. Dissemble
D. To better

Ans. B. Ferate

19. Humble

A. Dominate
B. Proud
C. Despotic
D. Pompous

Ans.  B. Proud

20. Illuminate

A. Darken
B. Fortify
C. Dampen
D. Introduce

Ans.  A. Darken

21. Rear

A. Front
B. Foreground
C. Forehead
D. Forward

Ans.  A. Front

22. Dubious

A. Mysterious
B. Assured
C. Dangerous
D. Doubtful

Ans.  B. Assured

23. Specify

A. Insult
B. Injure
C. Offend
D. Aggravate

Ans.  C. Offend

24. Elegance

A. Fragrance
B. Ostentatious
C. Vehemence
D. Ugliness

Ans.  D. Ugliness

25. Gloomy

A. Endemic
B. Bright
C. Pleasant
D. Sardonic

Ans.  B. Bright

26. Sage

A. Rogue
B. Fool
C. Egoist
D. Snob

Ans.  A. Rogue

27. Jocund

A. Charitable
B. Sweet
C. Morose
D. Destructive

Ans.  C. Morose

28. Brutality

A. Cruelty
B. Mercy
C. Humanity
D. Partiality

Ans.  C. Humanity

29. Antipathy

A. Obedience
B. Admiration
C. Agreement
D. Fondness

Ans.  B. Admiration

30. Lenient

A. Repulsive
B. Harsh
C. Apathetic
D. Disorganized

Ans. B. Harsh

31. Exquisite

A. Adherence
B. Scandalous
C. Sanguine
D. Detestable

Ans.  D. Detestable

32. Exterior

A. External
B. Inner
C. Interior
D. Inward

Ans.  C. Interior

33. Imbecile

A. Enervant
B. Irrelevant
C. Pertinent
D. Sane

Ans.  D. Sane

34. Conspicuous

A. Superfluous
B. Obscure
C. Prejudice
D. Redundant

Ans. B. Obscure

35. Host

A. Accomplice
B. Enlarged
C. Spears
D. Diffused

Ans.  D. Diffused

36. Flexible

A. Efficacious
B. Brilliant
C. Rigid
D. Responsive

Ans. C. Rigid

37. Assuage

A. Mislead
B. Wrap
C. Provoke
D. Detest

Ans.  C. Provoke

38. Unrealistic

A. Natural
B. Visionary
C. Reasonable
D. Actual

Ans.  C. Reasonable

39. Aversion

A. Amnesty
B. Augury
C. Affinity
D. Playful

Ans.  C. Affinity

40. Dawdle

A. Hurry
B. Hasten
C. Speed
D. Fiddle

Ans. D. Fiddle

41. Meticulous

A. Slovenly
B. Meretricious
C. Shaggy
D. Mutual

Ans.  A. Slovenly

42. Boorish

A. Genteel
B. Quite
C. Naughty
D. Happy

Ans. A. Genteel

  1. Candid

A. Honest
B. Sincere
C. Guarder
D. Free

Ans. C. Guarded

44. Clarity

A. Exaggeration
B. Candour
C. Confusion
D. Reserve

Ans.  C. Confusion

45. Pusillanimity

A. Abashment
B. Temerity
C. Bravery
D. Audacity

Ans. C. Bravery

46. Hypocritical

A. Native
B. Artless
C. Ingenious
D. Crafty

Ans.  C. Ingenious

47. Challenge

A. Admire
B. Accept
C. Favour
D. Praise

Ans.  B. Accept

48. Alien

A. Foreign
B. Different
C. Native
D. Irrelevant

Ans.  C. Native

49. Disdainful

A. Solemn
B. Single
C. Respectful
D. Serious

Ans.  C. Respectful

50. Superficial

A. Artificial
B. Deep
C. Shallow
D. Real

Ans.  B. Deep