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English Spotting Error – WB Primary TET Practice set -1

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English Spotting Error - WB Primary TET Practice set -1
English Spotting Error – WB Primary TET Practice set -1

English Spotting Error – WB Primary TET Practice set -1

1. (A)All the doctors were /(B)puzzled on the /(C)strange

symptom /(D)reported by the patient

Ans. C. Replace ‘on’ by ‘at’

2.  (A)No sooner did the Jeep arrive /(B)at the station /(C)

than a young police officer/ (D)No error

Ans. D. No error

3. (A)I have had to work /(B)at the fountain for almos /(C)

ten hours before it could / (D)No error

Ans. D. No error

4. (A)I offered him part time work /(B)but he turned it over

/(C)saying that he would / (D)rather wait for a full time


Ans. C. Replace ‘over’ by ‘down’

5. (A)The recent study has /(B)indicated that there /(C)is

perceptible change in / (D)the attitudes of the people

Ans. C. Add ‘a’ before ‘perceptible’

6. (A) This small table / (B)will collapse /(C)if you will

stand on it /(D)No error

Ans.  Remove ‘will’

7. (A) He has seen /(B)the picture / (C)yesterday /(D)No


Ans.  Replace ‘has seen’ by ‘saw’

8.(A)On his attitude / (B)it seems that what he wants /(C)

is that the decision making power /(D) should rest with him

Ans.  Replace ‘on’ by ‘from’

9. (A)We did the job /(B)as good as we could / (C)however it

did not turn out to be satisfactory /(D)No error

Ans. B. Replace ‘good’ by ‘well

10. (A)The number of people /(B)applying were so large /(C)

that the college had to / (D)stip issuing application forms

Ans. B. Replace ‘were’ by ‘was’

11. (A)The student / (B)answered to /(C)the question /(D)

asked by the inspector of school

Ans. B. Remove ‘ to’

12. (A)Had I come /(B)to know about /(C)his difficulties /

(D)I would have certainly helped

Ans.  D. Add ‘him’ after ‘help’

13. (A)The teacher promised /(B)that he will explain it /

(C)if they come / (D)before school the following day

Ans.  B. Replace ‘will’ by ‘would’

14. (A) Sumit was leading /(B)a happy and leisurely /(C)life

after his retirement /(D)No error

Ans.  D. No error

15. (A) Every since the government / (B)announced it’s new

policy / (C)the private institutions had / (D) run into bad


Ans.  C. Replace ‘had’ by ‘have’

16. (A)One of the most /(B) widely spread / (C)bad habit /

(D) is the use of tobacco

Ans.  C. Replace ‘habit’ by ‘habits’

17. (A)Children visiting the / (B)park are amused /(C)by the

monkeys / (D) play in the cages

Ans. D. Replace ‘play’ by ‘playing’

18. (A)I am trying to finish / (B)this letter for the last

one hour /(C)I wish you would /

(D)go away or stop disturbing me

Ans. A. Replace ‘am’ by ‘have been’

19. (A)The detective says that /(B)there is no change for /

(C)finding the person /(D)who wrote these letter

Ans. B. Replace ‘for’ by ‘of’

20. (A)Everyone felt that /(B)the big glittering diomond /

(C)was most unique /(D)No error

Ans. C. Remove ‘most’

21. (A)Bikash could not /(B)go to the picnic / (C)for his

mother /(D)No error

Ans.  D. No error

22. (A)Mohan was unhappy /(B) because he would /(C)not

attend the marriage / (D)of his friend yesterday

Ans.  B. Replace ‘would’ by ‘could’

23. (A)The wheat /(B) on this land is / (C)finer than last

year / (D) No error

Ans. C. Replace ‘year’ by ‘year’s’

24. (A)Even many people /(B)carry an infection /(C)without

showing its asymptomatic /(D)No error

Ans.  Replace ‘even’ by ‘often’

25. (A)As it was Sujan’s  /(B)first interview he dressed him

/ (C)in his most /(D)formal suit

Ans. B.Replace ‘him’ by ‘himself’

26. (A)On his attitude /(B)it seems that what he wants /(C)

is that he decision making power /(D)should rest with him

Ans.  A. Replace ‘on’ by ‘from’

27. (A) While going / (B)through the report / (C) yesterday

I find /(D)several factual mistake

Ans. C. Replace ‘find’ by ‘found’

28. (A) The majority of the /(B) computer  professionals

recommends /(C) that effective measures /(D) should be taken

against software piracy

Ans. A.  The correct form is ‘a majority of the’

29. (A)Well, I spend six or seven years / (B)after high

school /(C)trying to find a job for me /(D)but could not

succeed in it

Ans. A. Replace ‘spend’ by ‘spent’

30. (A)Tushar could not /(B)go to the picnic / (C)for his

mother /(D)No error

Ans.  D. No error

31. (A)Dibya was trying for admission /(B)in the Engineering

College /(C) even through her parents wanted /(D) her to

take up medicine

Ans. B. Replace ‘in’ by ‘to’

32. (A)Each cigarette which /(B) a person smokes /(C) does

some / (D) harm to him

Ans. A. Replace ‘each’ by ‘every’

33. (A) The Hindi and the Marathi are / (B)different forms

of the Sanskrit language / (C)which were once spoken /(D) No


Ans. D. No error

34. (A)The programme which /(B) came on television /(C)these

days in the evening /(D)is very interesting

Ans.  B.Replace ‘came’ by ‘comes’

35. (A)No sooner did /(B)the Chairman being speaking, some

/(C)participants started / (D)shouting slogans

Ans.  B. Add ‘than’ before ‘some’

36. (A) It was apparent to everyone present /

(B)that he would die / (C) If he doesn’t receive /(D)timely


Ans.  C. Replace ‘doesn’t’ by ‘didn’t’

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  • নভেম্বর মাসে 17 দিন বন্ধ থাকছে ব্যাঙ্ক । জানুন বিস্তারিত
    Spread the loveননভেম্বর মাসে 17 দিন বন্ধ থাকছে ব্যাঙ্ক । জানুন বিস্তারিত আগামী মাসে ব্যাঙ্কের  কোন গুরুত্বপূর্ণ কাজ করার পরিকল্পনা রয়েছে । তাহলে এই খবরটি জেনে রাখা অত্যন্ত জরুরি । নভেম্বর মাসে 17 দিন বন্ধ থাকবে ব্যাংক । রিজার্ভ ব্যাঙ্কের  নির্দেশ বাংলায় বেশ কয়েক দিন বন্ধ থাকবে ব্যাংক ।             দুর্গাপূজা …

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  • কলকাতার বঙ্গীয় বিজ্ঞান পরিষদে ভর্তি নিচ্ছে
    Spread the loveকলকাতার বঙ্গীয় বিজ্ঞান পরিষদে ভর্তি নিচ্ছে কলকাতার বঙ্গীয় বিজ্ঞান পরিষদে ‘লাইব্রেরি সায়েন্সে’র সার্টিফিকেট কোর্সে ভর্তি শুরু হয়েছে। উচ্চমাধ্যমিক পাশরা যোগ্য। দরখাস্তের ফর্ম সহ বিস্তারিত তথ্য পাবেন ২৩ অক্টোবরের থেকে ১৩ নভেম্বর পর্যন্ত বেলা ১২ টা থেকে ৫ টার মধ্যে। এছাড়াও অনলাইনে ফর্ম পাবেন। যোগাযোগের ঠিকানা : বঙ্গীয় বিজ্ঞান পরিষদ, পি – ১৩৪, সি.আই.টি …

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