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English Spotting Error – WB Primary TET Practice set -1

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English Spotting Error - WB Primary TET Practice set -1
English Spotting Error – WB Primary TET Practice set -1

English Spotting Error – WB Primary TET Practice set -1

1. (A)All the doctors were /(B)puzzled on the /(C)strange

symptom /(D)reported by the patient

Ans. C. Replace ‘on’ by ‘at’

2.  (A)No sooner did the Jeep arrive /(B)at the station /(C)

than a young police officer/ (D)No error

Ans. D. No error

3. (A)I have had to work /(B)at the fountain for almos /(C)

ten hours before it could / (D)No error

Ans. D. No error

4. (A)I offered him part time work /(B)but he turned it over

/(C)saying that he would / (D)rather wait for a full time


Ans. C. Replace ‘over’ by ‘down’

5. (A)The recent study has /(B)indicated that there /(C)is

perceptible change in / (D)the attitudes of the people

Ans. C. Add ‘a’ before ‘perceptible’

6. (A) This small table / (B)will collapse /(C)if you will

stand on it /(D)No error

Ans.  Remove ‘will’

7. (A) He has seen /(B)the picture / (C)yesterday /(D)No


Ans.  Replace ‘has seen’ by ‘saw’

8.(A)On his attitude / (B)it seems that what he wants /(C)

is that the decision making power /(D) should rest with him

Ans.  Replace ‘on’ by ‘from’

9. (A)We did the job /(B)as good as we could / (C)however it

did not turn out to be satisfactory /(D)No error

Ans. B. Replace ‘good’ by ‘well

10. (A)The number of people /(B)applying were so large /(C)

that the college had to / (D)stip issuing application forms

Ans. B. Replace ‘were’ by ‘was’

11. (A)The student / (B)answered to /(C)the question /(D)

asked by the inspector of school

Ans. B. Remove ‘ to’

12. (A)Had I come /(B)to know about /(C)his difficulties /

(D)I would have certainly helped

Ans.  D. Add ‘him’ after ‘help’

13. (A)The teacher promised /(B)that he will explain it /

(C)if they come / (D)before school the following day

Ans.  B. Replace ‘will’ by ‘would’

14. (A) Sumit was leading /(B)a happy and leisurely /(C)life

after his retirement /(D)No error

Ans.  D. No error

15. (A) Every since the government / (B)announced it’s new

policy / (C)the private institutions had / (D) run into bad


Ans.  C. Replace ‘had’ by ‘have’

16. (A)One of the most /(B) widely spread / (C)bad habit /

(D) is the use of tobacco

Ans.  C. Replace ‘habit’ by ‘habits’

17. (A)Children visiting the / (B)park are amused /(C)by the

monkeys / (D) play in the cages

Ans. D. Replace ‘play’ by ‘playing’

18. (A)I am trying to finish / (B)this letter for the last

one hour /(C)I wish you would /

(D)go away or stop disturbing me

Ans. A. Replace ‘am’ by ‘have been’

19. (A)The detective says that /(B)there is no change for /

(C)finding the person /(D)who wrote these letter

Ans. B. Replace ‘for’ by ‘of’

20. (A)Everyone felt that /(B)the big glittering diomond /

(C)was most unique /(D)No error

Ans. C. Remove ‘most’

21. (A)Bikash could not /(B)go to the picnic / (C)for his

mother /(D)No error

Ans.  D. No error

22. (A)Mohan was unhappy /(B) because he would /(C)not

attend the marriage / (D)of his friend yesterday

Ans.  B. Replace ‘would’ by ‘could’

23. (A)The wheat /(B) on this land is / (C)finer than last

year / (D) No error

Ans. C. Replace ‘year’ by ‘year’s’

24. (A)Even many people /(B)carry an infection /(C)without

showing its asymptomatic /(D)No error

Ans.  Replace ‘even’ by ‘often’

25. (A)As it was Sujan’s  /(B)first interview he dressed him

/ (C)in his most /(D)formal suit

Ans. B.Replace ‘him’ by ‘himself’

26. (A)On his attitude /(B)it seems that what he wants /(C)

is that he decision making power /(D)should rest with him

Ans.  A. Replace ‘on’ by ‘from’

27. (A) While going / (B)through the report / (C) yesterday

I find /(D)several factual mistake

Ans. C. Replace ‘find’ by ‘found’

28. (A) The majority of the /(B) computer  professionals

recommends /(C) that effective measures /(D) should be taken

against software piracy

Ans. A.  The correct form is ‘a majority of the’

29. (A)Well, I spend six or seven years / (B)after high

school /(C)trying to find a job for me /(D)but could not

succeed in it

Ans. A. Replace ‘spend’ by ‘spent’

30. (A)Tushar could not /(B)go to the picnic / (C)for his

mother /(D)No error

Ans.  D. No error

31. (A)Dibya was trying for admission /(B)in the Engineering

College /(C) even through her parents wanted /(D) her to

take up medicine

Ans. B. Replace ‘in’ by ‘to’

32. (A)Each cigarette which /(B) a person smokes /(C) does

some / (D) harm to him

Ans. A. Replace ‘each’ by ‘every’

33. (A) The Hindi and the Marathi are / (B)different forms

of the Sanskrit language / (C)which were once spoken /(D) No


Ans. D. No error

34. (A)The programme which /(B) came on television /(C)these

days in the evening /(D)is very interesting

Ans.  B.Replace ‘came’ by ‘comes’

35. (A)No sooner did /(B)the Chairman being speaking, some

/(C)participants started / (D)shouting slogans

Ans.  B. Add ‘than’ before ‘some’

36. (A) It was apparent to everyone present /

(B)that he would die / (C) If he doesn’t receive /(D)timely


Ans.  C. Replace ‘doesn’t’ by ‘didn’t’

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