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English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 1

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English Synonyms - WB Primary TET Practice Set - 1
English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 1

English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 1

1. Lethal

A. unlawful

B. Deadly

C. Sluggish

D. Smooth

Ans.  B. Deadly

2. Adversity

A . Misfortune

B. Fret

C. Blemish

D. Tumult

Ans.  A . Misfortune

3. Eager

A. Clever

B. Enthusiastic

C. Curious

D. Devoted

Ans.  C. Curious

4. Obscene

A. Indecent

B. Unwanted

C. Dirty

D. Unhealthy

Ans.  A. Indecent

5. Connoisseur

A. Ignorant

B. Interprets

C. Delinquent

D. Lover of art

Ans.  B. Interprets

6. Happy

A. Jolly

B. judicious

C. Jubilant

D. None of these

Ans.  C. Jubilant

7. Tyranny

A. Misrule

B. Power

C. Madness

D. Currently

Ans. D. Currently

8. Absurd

A. Simpleton

B. nonsense

C. Foolish

D. Silly

Ans. D. Silly

9. Wrath

A. Jealously

B. Hatred

C. Anger

D. Violence

Ans.  C. Anger

10. Sure

A. Confident

B. Conscious

C.  Careless

D. Courtious

Ans. A. Confident

11. Rebate

A. Loss

B. Refund

C. Compensation

D. Discount

Ans.  D. Discount

12. Love

A. Affliction

B. Affection

C. Avocation

D. Affectation

Ans.  B. Affection

13. Prolific

A. Plenty

B. Competent

C. Fertile

D. Predominant

Ans.  C. Fertile

14. Imminent

A. Impending

B. Certain

C. Unlawful

D. Immaterial

Ans.  A. Impending

15. Affable

A. Friendly

B. Cheerful

C. Helpful

D. Neutral

Ans. A. Friendly

16. Ghastly

A. Horrible

B. Useless

C. Mean

D. Unholy

Ans.  A. Horrible

17. Exorbitant

A. Odd

B. Ridiculous

C. Excessive

D. Threatening

Ans. C. Excessive

18. Jealous

A. Atrocious

B. Sublime

C. Envious

D. Obvious

Ans. C. Envious

19. Terrific

A. Big

B. Excellent

C. Tragic

D. Terrible

Ans.  D. Terrible

20. Fixed

A. Perennial

B. Stubborn

C. Static

D. Sterile

Ans. C. Static

21. False

A. Defective

B. Untrue

C. Incorrect

D. Inaccurate

Ans.  B. Untrue

22. Queer

A. Cute

B. Strange

C. Curious

D. Unfamiliar

Ans.  B. Strange

23. Abnegation

A. Self denial

B. Self sacrifice

C. Self praise

D. Self criticism

Ans. A. Self denial

24. Sketch

A. Portray

B. Paint

C. Draft

D. Draw

Ans.  A. Portray

25. Affluent

A. Prosperous

B. Poor

C. Talkative

D. Close

Ans. A. Prosperous

26. Opportune

A. Greed

B. Short lived

C. Occasional

D. Timely

Ans.  D. Timely

27. Infrequent

A. Never

B. Usual

C. Rare

D. Sometimes

Ans. D. Sometimes

28. Ferocious

A. Angry

B. Fierce

C. Untamed

D. Dangerous

Ans.  B. Fierce

29. Distinguish

A. Darkness

B. Abolish

C. Differentiate

D. Confuse

Ans. B. Abolish

30. Venerable

A. Lawful

B. Qatchful

C. Hateful

D. Respectable

Ans. D. Respectable

31. Gratify

A. Frank

B. Appreciate

C. Pacify

D. Indulge

Ans. C. Pacify

32. Callous

A. Base

B. Low

C. Indifferent

D. Brittle

Ans. C. Indifferent

33. Terminate

A. Suspend

B. Dismiss

C. End

D. Interrupt

Ans. C. End

34. Sufficient

A. Fit

B. Proper

C. Brimful

D. Adequate

Ans.  D. Adequate

35. Adversity

A. Crisis

B. Misfortune

C. Failure

D. Helplessness

Ans.  D. Helplessness

36. Haughty

A. Imperious

B. Empire

C. Umpire

D. Imperial

Ans.  A. Imperious

37. Stubborn

A. Easy

B. Obstinate

C. Willing

D. Pliable

Ans.  B. Obstinate

38. Melancholy

A. Sad

B. Cruelty

C. Heartless

D. Malice

Ans.  A. Sad

39. Taciturnity

A. Reserve

B. Hesitation

C. Changeableness

D. Dumbness

Ans.  A. Reserve

40. Prohibit

A. Gravity

B. Forbid

C. Develop


Ans. B. Forbid

41. Blithe

A. Graceful

B. Joyous

C. Giddy

D. Other wordly

Ans. B. Joyous

42. Plentiful

A. Abundant

B. Surplus

C. Much

D. None of these

Ans.  B. Surplus

43. Admit

A. Decide

B. Realise

C. Accept

D. Commit

Ans.  C. Accept

44. Submission

A. Politeness

B. Humility

C. Surrender

D. None of these

Ans. C. Surrender

45. Elicit

A. Induce

B. Extract

C. Divulge

D. Instil

Ans.  B. Extract

46. Vulgar

A. Bad

B. Crude

C. Vindictive

D. Indecent

Ans.  D. Indecent

47. Portray

A. Communicate

B. Paint

C. Express

D. Draw

Ans.  D. Draw

48. Reserved

A. Pantheist

B. Mystic

C. Garrulous

D. Reticent

Ans. D. Reticent

49. Alert

A. Smart

B. Active

C. Watchful

D. Live

Ans. C. Watchful

50. Humane

A. Manly

B. Mankind

C. Kind

D. Mamike

Ans. C. Kind 

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