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English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 2

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English Synonyms - WB Primary TET Practice Set - 2
English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 2

English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 2

1. Pilfer

A. Destroy
B. Damage
C. Steal
D. Snatch

Ans.  C. Steal

2. Uncivilized

A. Awkward
B. Savage
C. Obsolete
D. Insane

Ans.  B. Savage

3. Artifact

A. Synthetic
B. Man made
C. Natural
D. Exact copy

Ans.  B. Man made

4. Emancipate

A. Stuff
B. Surrender
C. Liberate
D. Surround

Ans.  C. Liberate

5. Dear

A. Due
B. Close
C. Costly
D. Young

Ans. C. Costly

6. Fanciful

A. Imaginary
B. Romantic
C. Beautiful
D. None of these

Ans.  A. Imaginary

7. Lethal

A. Dreary
B. Dreadful
C. Deadly
D. Strange

Ans.  C. Deadly

8. Lagbe

A. Kow
B. Lethargy
C. Detest
D. Mean

Ans.  C. Detest

9. Infinite

A. Strange
B. Endless
C. Indefinite
D. Vague

Ans.  B. Endless

10. Wise

A. Singer
B. Musical
C. Judicious
D. Moment oud

Ans.  C. Judicious

11. Obscene

A. Objectionable
B. Indecent
C. Displeasing
D. Condemnable

Ans. B. Indecent

12. Quote

A. Sign
B. Cite
C. Sight
D. Site

Ans.  B. Cite

13. Uniformity

A. Routine
B. Continuity
C. Stability
D. Consistency

Ans.  D. Consistency

14. Eradicate

A. Dissolve
B. Remove
C. Unroot
D. Cut

Ans.  C. Unroot

15. Mystique

A. Fame
B. Reputation
C. Admirable quality
D. Popularity

Ans.  C. Admirable quality

16. Vorti gude

A. Course
B. Falaite
C. Hope
D. En by

Ans.  A. Course

17. Infernal

A. Hateful
B. Exciting
C. Devilish
D. Damaging

Ans.  C. Devilish

18. Praise worth

A. Incredible
B. Credible
C. Credulous
D. Credit able

Ans.  D. Credit able

19. Reprisal

A. Appreciation
B. Retaliation
C. Assessment
D. Compensation

Ans. B. Retaliation

20. Urban

A. Uncultured
B. Uncivilized
C. Short tempered
D. Civilized

Ans.  D. Civilized

21. Concise

A. Strong
B. Solid
C. Brief
D. Small

Ans. C. Brief

22. Thoughtful

A. Pensive
B. Lost
C. Friesland
D. Gloomy

Ans.  A. Pensive

23. Adept

A. Intelligent
B. Sufficient
C. Proficient
D. Professional

Ans.  C. Proficient

24. Unlawful

A. Scant
B. Elicit
C. Illict
D. Draw

Ans.  C. Illict

25. Admonition

A. Warning
B. Pardon
C. Amazement
D. Award

Ans.  A. Warning

26. Best

A. Optimism
B. Enthusiasm
D.none of these

Ans.  B. Enthusiasm

27. Drowsy

A. Soothing
B. Lazy
C. Exhausted
D. Sleepy

Ans.  D. Sleepy

28. Conceal

A. Steal
B. Hide
C. Avoid
D. Keep

Ans.  B. Hide

29. Receipt care

A. Grant
B. Interchange
C. Receive
D. Deliver

Ans.  B. Interchange

30. Fictitious

A. Foul
B. False
C. Faltering
D. Fraud

Ans.  B. False

31. Tentative

A. Unreliable
B. Current
C. Provisional
D. Final

Ans. C. Provisional

32. Insolvent

A. Poor
B. Bankrupt
C. Broke
D. Penniless

Ans.  B. Bankrupt

33. Experimental

A. Tentative
B. Hypothetical
C. Logical
D. None of these

Ans.  A. Tentative

34. Recollect

A. Remember
B. Recive
C. Memorise
D. Recover

Ans.  A. Remember

35. Decimate

A. Disseminate
B. Dissipate
C. Disfigure
D. Destroy

Ans.  D. Destroy

36. Materialistic

A. Stuff
B. Wordly
C. Rich
D. None of these

Ans.  B. Wordly

37. Deft

A. Skilful
B. Vigorous
C. Swift
D. Deceitful

Ans.  A. Skilful

38. Stringent

A. Tense
B. Stringy
C. Strict
D. Causing to shrink

Ans.  B. Stringy

39. Spendthrift

A. Extravagant
B. Waste
C. Liberal
D. Fallacious

Ans.  A. Extravagant

40. Retribution

A. Content
B. Revenge
C. Punishment
D. Discount

Ans.  C. Punishment

41. Refectory

A. Dining room
B. Parlour
C. Living room
D. Restaurant

Ans.  A. Dining room

42. Fraud

A. Impertinent
B. Insidious
C. Guile
D. Imperious

Ans.  C. Guile

43. Stringent

A. Shrill
B. Rigorous
C. Dry
D. Strained

Ans. B. Rigorous

44. Ironic

A. Good natured
B. Inflexible
C. Misguidedly sarcastic
D. Bitter

Ans.  C. Misguidedly sarcastic

45. Short lived

A. Truant
B. Transient
C. Renting
D. Mortal

Ans.  B. Transient

46. Stamina

A. Endurance
B. Intensity
C. Eagerness
D. Energy

Ans.  D. Energy

47. Spectators

A. Listeners
B. Audience
C. Onlookers
D. Participants

Ans.  C. Onlookers

48. Talkative

A. Mystic
B. Phlegmatic
C. Pantheist
D. Garrulous

Ans.  D. Garrulous

49. Requit

A. Repay
B. Demand
C. Refuse
D. Requisition

Ans.  A. Repay

50. Recall

A. Speak
B. Receive
C. Face
D. Remember

Ans.  D. Remember 

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