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English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set -3

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English Synonyms - WB Primary TET Practice Set -3
English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set -3

English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set -3

1. Impertinent

A. Impudent

B. Sceptical

C. Thoughtless

D. Irritable

Ans.  A. Impudent

2. Dynamic

A. Vigorous

B. Forceful

C. Robust

D. Active

Ans.  D. Active

3. Uneducated

A. Undead

B. Insane

C. Illiterate

D. Literate

Ans.  C. Illiterate

4. Rebate

A. Commission

B. Interest

C. Discount

D. Gift

Ans.  C. Discount

5. Alert

A. Watchful

B. Intelligent

C. Observant

D. Energetic

Ans.  C. Observant

6. All powerful

A. Omnipotent

B. Omnipresent

C. Philanthropist

D. Omniscient

Ans.  A. Omnipotent


A. Indifferent

B. Annoyed

C. Haughty

D. Angry

Ans.  D. Angry

8. Turn up

A. Show up

B. Come up

C. Land up

D. Crop up

Ans. B. Come up

9. Biography

A. Biology

B. Hand writing

C. Life story

D. History

Ans.  C. Life story

10. Counsel

A. Correct

B. Publish

C. Oppose

D. Advise

Ans.  D. Advise

11. Optimistic

A. Optician

B. Favourable

C. Wishful

D. Hopeful

Ans.  D. Hopeful

12. Refugee

A. Fugitive

B. Flee

C. Fuming

D. Fused

Ans.  A. Fugitive

13. Colossus

A. Towering

B. Tall

C. Lofty

D. Huge

Ans.  A. Towering

14. Ascent

A. Leap

B. Mount

C. Deviate

D. Grow

Ans. D. Grow

15. Arbitrary

A. Partial

B. Consent

C. Despotic

D. Whimsical

Ans.  C. Despotic

16. Ugly

A. Fearful

B. Hateful

C. Evilsome

D. Repulsive

Ans.  D. Repulsive


A. Expectation

B. Desire

C. Aspiration

D. Goal

Ans.  B. Desire

18. Omnipotent

A. All powerful

B. All knowing

C. Everlasting

D. All merciful

Ans.  A. All powerful

19. Civil


B. Social

C. Formal

D. Polite

Ans. D. Polite

20. Harbinger

A. Pilot

B. Forerunner

C. Steward

D. Messenger

Ans.  C. Steward

21. Quiet

A. Sink

B. Calm

C. Famine

D. Furious

Ans.  B. Calm

22. Accentuated

A. Projected

B. Exhibited

C. Sharpened

D. Mitigated

Ans.  A. Projected

23. Audacious

A. Obvious

B. Daring

C. Manifest

D. Venture

Ans.  B. Daring

24. Voracious

A. Hesitate

B. Greedy

C. Re imbursement

D. Normal

Ans. B. Greedy

25. Myopic

A. Blind

B. Short sights

C. Astigmatic

D. Cross eyed

Ans.  B. Short sights

26. Sumptuous

A. Lavish

B. Fancy

C. Meagre

D. Irritable

Ans.  A. Lavish

27. Indolence

A. Poverty

B. Laziness

C. Arrogance

D. Audacity

Ans.  B. Laziness

28. Console

A. Sympathies

B. Share

C. Pacify

D. Assist

Ans.  C. Pacify

29. Sordid

A. Harmful

B. Dirty

C. Splendid

D. Dangerous

Ans.  B. Dirty

30. Fertile

A. Feverish

B. Productive

C. Barren

D. Foolish

Ans.  B. Productive

31. Consequence

A. Manier

B. Result

C. Cause

D. Order

Ans.  B. Result

32. Melle

A. Primitive dance

B. Kindness

C. Simple song

D. Brawl

Ans.  D. Brawl

33. Apposite

A. Against

B. Opposed

C. Relevant

D. Septic

Ans.  C. Relevant

34. Inexplicable

A. Unconnected

B. Chaiti

C. Unaccountable

D. Confusion

Ans.  C. Unaccountable

35. Relevant

A. Ready

B. Willing

C. Hesitating

D. Included

Ans.  C. Hesitating

36. Souvenir

A. Suzerainty

B. Strong

C. Requirement

D. Remembrance

Ans.  D. Remembrance

37. Utk

A. Bore

B. Insult

C. Uthe

D. Anony

Ans.  D. Anony

38. Vent

A. Stodge

B. Opening

C. End

D. Past tense of go

Ans.  B. Opening

39. Rash

A. Dashing

B. Careless

C. Remorse

D. Reckless

Ans.  D. Reckless

40. Allow

A. Accept

B. Seek


D. Wish

Ans.  C.permit

41. Exclusive

A. Extensive

B. Sole

C. External

D. Excessive

Ans.  B. Sole

42. Scandal

A. Remorse

B. Sedulous

C. Blunder

D. Scam

Ans.  D. Scam

43. Condemn

A. Blame

B. Underrate

C. Hate

D. Avoid

Ans.  A. Blame

44. Overstrung

A. Active

B. Energetic

C. Concerned

D. Too  sensitive

Ans.  D. Too  sensitive

45. Discourse

A. Worden

B. Intricate

C. Calamity

D. Sermon

Ans.  D. Sermon

46. Extravaganza

A. Profligacy

B. Spectacular show

C. Over reaching

D. Falsification

Ans.  B. Spectacular show

47. Confidential

A. Hidden

B. Private

C. Trusted

D. Secret

Ans.  D. Secret

48. Entice

A. Infinite

B. Dekhte

C. Allure

D. Embitter

Ans. C. Allure

49. Benefactor

A. Guardian

B. Saint

C. Do gooder

D. Friend

Ans.  C. Do gooder

50. Radiant

A. Bright

B. Beautiful

C. Light

D. Influential

Ans.  A. Bright  

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