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English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 4

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English Synonyms - WB Primary TET Practice Set - 4
English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 4

English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 4

1. Harass

A. Grieve
B. Injure
C. Excite
D. Annoy

Ans.  D. Annoy

2. Cite

A. Illustrator
B. Reveal
C. Recollect
D. Quote

Ans.  D. Quote

3. Beautiful

A. Sophisticate
B. Implore
C. Derogate
D. Adorn

Ans.  D. Adorn

4. Minimum

A. Little
B. Lowest
C. Minimal
D. Meagre

Ans.  C. Minimal

5. Warth

A. Jealousy
B. Hatred
C. Anger
D. Violence

Ans.  C. Anger

6. Charity

B. Reputation
C. Imposter
D. Philanthropy

Ans.  D. Philanthropy

7. Assimilate

A. Absorb
B. Arrange
C. Receive
D. Assemble

Ans.  A. Absorb

8. Aid

A. Supervision
B. Co operation
C. Assistance
D. Disease

Ans.  C. Assistance

9. Redundant

A. Precious
B. Lessened
C. Concise
D. Superfluous

Ans.  D. Superfluous

10. Fatigue

A. Weariness
B. Sweating
C. Tension
D. Drowsiness

Ans.  A. Weariness

11. Untie

A. Unfold
B. Unchain
C. Undo
D. Unhinge

Ans. C. Undo

12. Demented

A. Rational
B. Sensible
C. Sane
D. Eccentric

Ans.  D. Eccentric


A. Lucid
B. Wily
C. Witty
D. Flat

Ans.  D. Flat

14. Indict

B. Condemn
C. Allege
D. Reprimand

Ans.  A.accuse

15. Spontaneous

A. Forced
B. Coercive
C. Involuntary
D. Effortless

Ans.  D. Effortless

16. Industrious

A. Intelligent
B. Hard working
C. Clever
D. Reserved

Ans.  B. Hard working

17. Absolute

A. Reasonable
B. Narrow
C. Limitless
D. Reliable

Ans.  C. Limitless

18. Emancipate

A. Include
B. Clasp
C. Reclaim
D. Liberate

Ans.  D. Liberate

19. Wary

A. Cautious
B. Accurate
C. Quick
D. Practical

Ans.  A. Cautious

20. Commiserate

A. Sympathies
B. Placate
C. Commemorate
D. Consecrate

Ans.  A. Sympathies

21. Recuperate

A. Recover
B. Remove
C. Release
D. Relieve

Ans.  A. Recover

22. Grubby

A. Wet
B. Muddy
C. New
D. Unwashed

Ans. D. Unwashed

23. Prerogative

A. Privilege
B. Request
C. Desire
D. Command

Ans.  A. Privilege

24. Taciturn

A. Mourning
B. Talkative
C. Reserved
D. Silent

Ans.  C. Reserved

25. Misfortune

A. Misery
B. Poverty
C. I’ll luck
D. Sadness

Ans. C. I’ll luck

26. Distinction

A. Degree
B. Difference
C. Diffusion
D. Disagreement

Ans. B. Difference

27. Conversant

A. Pry
B. Familiar
C. Explore
D. Adversary

Ans.  B. Familiar

28. Rancour

A. Prejudice
B. Enmity
C. Disappointment
D. Hatred

Ans. D. Hatred

29. Contemplative

A. Morbid
B. Serious
C. Calm
D. Thoughtful

Ans. D. Thoughtful

30. Transpire

A. Idle
B. Desolate
C. Isolate
D. Become public

Ans.  D. Become public

31. Profound

A. Profuse
B. Boundless
C. Deep
D. Fathomless

Ans. B. Boundless

32. Graphic

A. Squarish
B. Geometrical
C. Pictorial
D. Mathematical

Ans.  C. Pictorial

33. Colossal

A. Merited
B. Gigantic
C. Quack
D. Petulant

Ans.  B. Gigantic

34. Plush

A. Comforting
B. Tasty
C. Luxurious
D. Delicious

Ans.  C. Luxurious

35. Combat

A. Quarrel
B. Fight
C. Conflict
D. Feud

Ans.  B. Fight

36. Confess

A. Arrogant
B. Possible
C. Acknowledge
D. Apologise

Ans.  C. Acknowledge

37. Relevant

A. Officer
B. Participant
C. Member
D. Representative

Ans. D. Representative

38.  Surreptitious

A. Mysterious
C. Secretive
D. Secret

Ans.  D. Secret

39. Promulgate

A. Circulate
B. Publish
C. Spread
D. Printed

Ans.  B. Publish

40. Foster

A. Encourage
B. Fabricate
C. Coment
D. Nurture

Ans.   D. Nurture

41. Destitution

A. Beggary
B. Poverty
C. Humility
D. Moderation

Ans.  B. Poverty

42. Diffident

A. Contract
B. Smug
C. Final
D. Modest

Ans.  B. Smug

43. Indigenous

A. Normal
B. Internal
C. Natural
D. Native

Ans.  D. Native

44. Feign

A. Pretend
B. Attend
C. Condemn
D. Condone

Ans.  A. Pretend

45. Ephemeral

A. Eternal
B. Esteem
C. Eradicate
D. Transient

Ans.  D. Transient

46. Oversee

A. Supervise
B. Glance
C. Contest
D. Look

Ans.  A. Supervise

47. Cautiously

A. Genuine
B. Carefully
C. Secretly

Ans.  B. Carefully

48. Prattle

A. Silent
B. Talk
C. Gossip
D. Brittle

Ans.  C. Gossip


A. Stressed
B. Urged
C. Demanded
D. Emphasised

Ans.  B. Urged

50. Vilify

A. Desert
B. Deprive
C. Defame
D. Deceive

Ans.  C. Defame 

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