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English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 5

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English Synonyms - WB Primary TET Practice Set - 5
English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 5

English Synonyms – WB Primary TET Practice Set – 5

1. False

A. Defective

B. Untrue

C. Incorrect

D. Inaccurate

Ans.  B. Untrue

2. Object

A. Disobey

B. Challenge

C. Deny

D. Disapprove

Ans.  C. Deny

3. Plaintive

A. Joyous

B. Doleful

C. Cheerful

D. Gay

Ans.  B. Doleful

4. Stupid

A. Silly

B. Disobedient

C. Insane

D. Incapable

Ans. A. Silly

5. Selectable

A. Attractive

B. Delightful

C. Desirable

D. Delicate

Ans.  B. Delightful

6. Light

A. Black

B. Brightness

C. Heavy

D. Extinguish

Ans.  B. Brightness

7. Restoration

A. Renovation

B. Renewal

C. Reinstatement

D. Recreation

Ans.  A. Renovation

8. Irruption

A. Hate

B. Bursting in

C. Interference

D. Altercation

Ans.  B. Bursting in

9. Selectable

A. Disappointing

B. Repulsive

C. Ecstatic

D. Unpleasant

Ans.  C. Ecstatic

10. Timid

A. Cowardly

B. Plucky

C. Veteran

D. Fearful

Ans.  C. Veteran

11. Reckless

A. Daring

B. Bold

C. Rash

 D. Courageous

Ans.  C. Rash

12. Sacrilege

A. Consecration

B. Profanation

C. Reverence

D. Piety

Ans. B. Profanation

13. Promulgate

A. Proclaim

B. Inform

C. Promote

D. Endorse

Ans.  A. Proclaim

14. Precarious

A. Brittle

B. Perilous

C. Critical

D. Cautious

Ans.  C. Critical

15. Enlighten

A. Instruct

B. Nonplus

C. Darken

D. Mystify

Ans.  A. Instruct

16. Mere

A. Some

B. Empty

C. Only

D. Complete

Ans. C. Only

17. Ecstatic

A. Animated

B. Enraptured

C. Bewildered

D. Fitful

Ans.  B. Enraptured

18. Tentative

A. Experimental

B. Effusable

C. Essaying

D. Reusable

Ans.  A. Experimental

19. Error

A. Blunder

B. Misadventure

C. Ambiguity

D. Misgiving

Ans.  A. Blunder

20. Drowsy

A. Soothing

B. Lazy

C. Exhausted

D. Sleepy

Ans.  D. Sleepy

21. Placid

A. Calm

B. Disturbed

C. Noisy

D. Agitated

Ans.  A. Calm

22. Neopotism

A. Favouritism

B. Carelessness

C. Inefficiency

D. Corruption

Ans. A. Favouritism

23. Eradicate

A. Complicate

B. Indicate

C. Dedicate

D. Eleminate

Ans.  D. Eleminate

24. Apathetic

A. Active

B. Indifferent

C. Eager

D. Interested

Ans.  B. Indifferent

25. Browse

A. Strike

B. Examine

C. Deceive

D. Heal

Ans.  B. Examine

26. Innate

A. Unique

B. Important

C. Inborn

D. Essential

Ans.  C. Inborn

27. Languor

A. Instruct

B. Vigour

C. Lassitude

D. Vivacity

Ans.  C. Lassitude

28. Competence

A. Efficiency

B. Competition

C. Ability

D. Compensation

Ans.  C. Ability

29. Liberal

A. Progressive

B. Tolerant

C. Generous

D. Educated

Ans.  C. Generous

30. Faction

A. Concord

B. Harmony

C. Rapport

D. Party

Ans.  D. Party

31. Paramount

A. Prestigious

B. Supreme

C. Valuable

D. Urgent

Ans.  B. Supreme

32. Surreptitious

A. Mysterious

B. Abstract

C. Secretive

D. Secret

Ans.  D. Secret

33. Deny

A. Disobey

B. Challenge

C. Object

D. Disapprove

Ans.  C. Object

34. Synthetic

A. Scientific

B. Fake

C. Artificial

D. Superficial

Ans.  C. Artificial

35.  Intimidate

A. Harass

B. Bluff

C. Frighten

D. Hint

Ans.  C. Frighten

36. Abiding

A. Fleeting

B. Lasting

C. Changing

D. Passing

Ans.  B. Lasting

37. Magnanimous

A. Loyal

B. Generous

C. Kind

D. Loving

Ans.  B. Generous

38. Cantankerous

A. Disrespectful

B. Noisy

C. Quarrelsome

D. Rash

Ans.  C. Quarrelsome

39. Rapport

A. Harmony

B. Bitterness

C. Discord

D. Disagreement

Ans.  A. Harmony

40. Sprightly

A. Sportive

B. Beautiful

C. Lovely

D. Intelligent

Ans.  C. Lovely

41. Admit

A. Decide

B. Realise

C. Accept

D. Commit

Ans.  C. Accept

42.  Depressive

A. Cheerful

B. Morbid

C. Joyless

D. Sorrow

Ans.  B. Morbid

43. In spite of

A. Despite of

B. Though

C. Unless

D. Lest

Ans.  A. Despite of

44. Imminent

A. Immoral

B. Comical

C. Impending

D. Cynic

Ans.  C. Impending

45. Brag

A. Request

B. Order

C. Boast

D. Question

Ans.  C. Boast

46. Depredation

A. Desecration

B. Plundering

C. Solicitous

D. Alluring

Ans.  B. Plundering

47. Pester

A. Annoy

B. Fight

C. Silent

D. Sad

Ans.  A. Annoy

48. Slender

A. Sharp

B. Dull

C. Fat

D. Slim

Ans. D. Slim

49. Mollify

A. Appease

B. Abuse

C. Avenge

D. Mould

Ans.  A. Appease

50. Maribound

A. Moral

B. Obsolate

C. Outdated

D. Dying

Ans.  D. Dying