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English Pedagogy – WB Primary TET Practice Set-2

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English Pedagogy – WB Primary TET Practice Set-2
English Pedagogy – WB Primary TET Practice Set-2

English Pedagogy – WB Primary TET Practice Set-2

1. challenges of teaching language refers to

A.challenges thrown by students
B.difficulties of teaching language
C.problems of teaching in a classroom
D.none of the above

Ans.  B.difficulties of teaching language

2. A test which is administered at the end of a language course is

A.diagonistic test
B.placement test
C.achievement test
D.memory test

Ans.  A.diagonistic test

3. A student has hearing imparity. How will you help him to learn delightfully?

A.use visual language in the class
B.use visual aids
C.consult an expert
D.all the above

Ans.  D.all the above

4. study of meaning in a language is known as


Ans.  A.syntax

5. At risk students are students with

B.speech disorders
C.any kind of learning difficulty
D.none of the above

Ans.  C.any kind of learning difficulty

6. Where will you card disclosures in a letter?

A.below the signature and the right side margin
B.below the signature and the left side margin
C.above the signature and the right side margin
D.any of these

Ans.  B.below the signature and the left side margin

7. The study of language became a broadening experience if

A.a student is helped by his parents
B.the teacher is helpful
C.circumstances are right and favourable
D.the student is sincere

Ans.  C.circumstances are right and favourable

8. Wile writing a notice, the should prefer voice
B.passive voice
C.any voice
D.none of these

Ans.  B.passive voice

9. Diverse classrooms mean

A.classrooms with diverse facilities
B.classrooms with students of different age group
C.classrooms with students of different abilities ans interests
D.none of the above

Ans.  C.classrooms with students of different abilities ans interests

10. Learning a language is a…

A.gradual process process
C.instant process
D.all inclusive process

Ans.  A.gradual process

11. Visual language refers to

A.communication using visual elements
B.communications by postures and gestures visual aids
D.language visible on paper

Ans.  A.communication using visual elements

12. ‘REGISTER’ is…

A.variety of language according to region in a particular country
B.variety of language according to countries
C.any of these
D.none of these

Ans.  A.variety of language according to region in a particular country

13. Input in relation to language skills is also known as


Ans.  C.reception

14.’Phonetics’ is basically associated with

D.of all these

Ans.  A.sounds

15. Comprehensible output is

A.writing good English
B.the practice with English speaking peers
C.speaking with teachers
D.none of the above

Ans.  B.the practice with English speaking peers

16. /m/ sound in the word ‘make’ is…

A.labio dental

Ans.  C.bilabial

17. Listening and reading skills are

C.inputs and outputs
D.none of the above

Ans.  A.inputs

18. Remedial teaching…

A.fills tha gap that creeps into a pupil’s learning
B.rectifies the concepts which have been misunderstood
C.helps in retaining homogeneity in the class
D.all of these

Ans.  D.all of these

19. Macro skills of language are…….. in numbers


Ans.  C.four

20. Identify the correct passive voice of the sentence : Obey me

A.I Should be obeyed
B.let be obeyed
C.both a & b
D.none of these

Ans.  A.I Should be obeyed

21. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling are

A.macro skills
B.written skills
C.verbal skills
D.micro skills

Ans.  D.micro skills

22. Find the word nearest in meaning to ‘REMORSE’

D.none of these

Ans.  C.penitent

23. Listening is to speaking as reading is to


Ans.  B.writing

24. Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘INSIPID’


Ans.  B.bland

25. The skill we learn last among the four skills is


Ans.  B.speaking

26. Which of the following organs of speech is also known as ‘VELUM’

A.hard palate
B.voice box
C.alveolar ridge
D.soft palate

Ans.  D.soft palate

27. Most modern educationists discard detention but accepts evaluation__ why?

A.evalution reward efforts
B.evalution provides self assessment
C.evalution clarifies weaknesses
D.all the above

Ans.  D.all the above

28. The major difference between ‘ARTICLE’ and ‘SPEECH’ is….

A.speech is more formal
B.speech is more informal
C.speech is more descriptive
D.all of these

Ans.  B.speech is more informal

29. Why is progress report essential? gives students a sense of pride makes learners competitive minded provides a through self evaluation
D.none of the above

Ans. provides a through self evaluation

30. ‘Prediction’ as a sub skill is associated with

C.note making

Ans.  D.reading

31. Soham, a student of class IX, is a given a task to write a dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer. This evaluation can be called

A.functional assessment
B.periodical assessment
C.proficiency assessment
D.none of the above

Ans.  A.functional assessment

32. Minimal pairs are usually used to give practice in


Ans. C.structures

33. The true false questions in language test aims at evaluation

A.progress of the learner
B.proficiency of the learner
C.skill of the learner
D.comprehension of the learner

Ans.  D.comprehension of the learner

34. When a teacher uses lessons in Science and Social Science to teach language , such an approach can be termed as ___

A.objective language teaching
B.pluralistic language teaching
C.discipline wise language teaching
D.Language across the curriculum

Ans.  D.Language across the curriculum

35. ESL is language learning stand for

A.english slow learning
B.english as second language
C.english and self learning
D.none of the above

Ans.  B.english as second language

36. TLM stand for and language materials
B.teaching learning materials and language models
D.none of the above

Ans.  B.teaching learning materials

37. Language skill should be taught

A.through imitation isolation
C.through clear explanation an integrated manner

Ans. an integrated manner

38. NITE stand for

A.necessary instructions for reaching english
B.nature of instructions in teaching english
C.newspaper in teaching english
D.none of the above

Ans.  C.newspaper in teaching english

39. Remedial teaching refers to test learners periodically adress gaps in learning
C.after the regular school hours help bright learners to excel

Ans. adress gaps in learning

40. Language games help the learners to learn the language in an ____ manner

C.exciting manner

Ans.  A.interesting

41. A teacher gives many sentences and asks her students to arrange them into a letter using appropriate connectors. The skills then is chiefly involved in this task is

A.collecting information
B.expanding notes

Ans.  C.organizingpp

42. Multilingual classrooms are class rooms where

A.many language are taught
B.many languages are spoken
C.many learners are taught
D.learners speak different languages

Ans.  D.learners speak different languages

43. After reading a story on fish, if a teacher asks children to answer “Imagine you are a fish in a pond. What do you see around you”? This is an example of

A.comprehension question
B.close type question ended question
D.multiple choice question

Ans. ended question

44. By multimedia materials we mean___ visual aids network video and computer software
C.cassette players
D.none of the above

Ans. network video and computer software

45. Which of the following is not a study skill

A.writing formal reports
B.note taking
C.useing dictionary
D.getting information from an encyclopedia

Ans.  A.writing formal reports

46. ICT stand for

A.information and communication technology
B.information and comprehension in teaching
C.India concepts of teaching
D.none of the above

Ans.  A.information and communication technology

47. The language skill that can not be assessed through a traditional pen paper test are

A.listening and speaking
B.reading and speaking
C.writing and listening
D.reading and listening

Ans.  A.listening and speaking

48.mita a student of class VI, never responds in the class. She is…

B.under achiever
D.none of the above

Ans.  B.under achiever

49. A teacher uses a report from a newspaper to teach writing. The material used thus for teaching is referred to

A.external material
B.realistic material
C.natural material
D.authentic material

Ans.  A.external material

50. UAA stand for

A.uniform assessment and assignment
B.under achiever’s assignment
C.unique assessment and analysis
D.none of the above

Ans.  B.under achiever’s assignment.